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The Story So Far


We are poised at the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, where new opportunities await all of us. More than 90% of global trade flows through the maritime industry and the marine supplies industry remains a pivotal pillar to ensure your products get to you!  As technology continues to advance, how do we ensure the industry remains efficient?

The Industry

Ship Supplies Direct (SSD) is the world’s first digital freight forwarding platform focused on the global US$169 billion per year marine supplies supply-chain.


We recognise that the marine supplies industry is extremely behind in terms of the adoption of digital technologies to improve productivity. Each stage is fragmented, lacking standardisation, and unnecessarily adding significant costs to the ship operators.

So Here is What We Did

Here at SSD, we focus on supply-chain innovations for the maritime sector through the strategic application of digital technology to improve efficiencies and raise profitability.

To this end, we built a maritime logistics sharing platform designed to streamline the process for an optimised supply chain. Our platform links up the major stakeholders in the marine supplies industry to achieve a simpler and sharper marine supply chain.